Turbomiser chiller wins double accolade in awards



The ultra-efficient Turbomiser chiller has won two major awards in the UK’s most prestigious industry awards.

UK distributors Cool-Therm and Klima-Therm worked closely with Italian manufacturer Geoclima to develop Turbomiser, acclaimed as “probably the most efficient HFC-based chiller in the world."

They received the awards for Environmental Pioneer – Air Conditioning and Environmental Collaboration of the Year at the glittering finals of the Cooling Industry Awards, held at The Hilton on Park Lane, London.

The Turbomiser uses between a third and a half of the energy required by conventional screw or reciprocating chillers. This is made possible by the ground-breaking combination of a compact centrifugal compressor with virtually frictionless magnetic bearings, floating head pressure design, LPA low energy free cooling, flooded evaporator and fully integrated dynamic control system.

A recent installation at The Dorchester Hotel is saving the client some £10,000 per month in energy costs. Receiving the awards on behalf of the development team were Ken Strong, managing director of Cool-Therm, and Roberto Mallozzi, managing director of Klima-Therm - see picture above right.

The judges said: “With the additional benefits of the system – such as reduced refrigerant leakage (thanks to reduced number of joints), oil-free design for reduced maintenance, variable speed drive and a unit weight a quarter that of conventional compressors – the package is a worthy winner. It is a compelling argument for energy efficiency and environmental pioneering."

The team were the first recipients of the award for Environmental Collaboration of the Year, introduced for the first time this year and one of the mostly hotly contested categories. The judges said: “It has taken real design collaboration between two specialists and an Italian manufacturer to create far more that just a “Turbocor chiller”, but a unique product with a whole suite of innovative energy saving enhancements.”

They added: “Each partner has brought a distinctive perspective and skills to the project, combining intimate knowledge of the market and emerging technology on the part of the British companies, with manufacturing capability and willingness to adapt on the part of the manufacturer.

The collaboration continues, with a rolling development programme which has already seen the launch of the second generation Turbomiser II. This builds on the achievements of the technology and takes energy efficiency into new territory.