Top consultant confirms exceptional performance of



Independent tests carried out by a leading UK consultancy have proven the exceptional energy performance of the Turbomiser chiller.


Mike Creamer of award-winning consultant Business Edge Ltd carried out the tests on an operating Turbomiser chiller at Geoclima’s factory in Italy last month. He used a ClimaCheck Performance Analyser to run detailed analyses of the 700kW machine’s performance at various conditions.


It showed exceptional COPs of up to 15.5 at typical mid-season conditions, with average performance of between 5 to 7. Overall, compressor isentropic efficiency was over 77 per cent.


Commenting on the findings, Mike Creamer said: "These are excellent results, and appear to confirm positive claims being made for the Turbomiser technology. I would say that the Turbocor compressor represents perhaps the best single item of engineering, involving the combination of several technologies, that I have seen in the last 50 years."


"The key is the use of almost frictionless magnetic bearings, highly flexible inverter control to match output to load, and a well-designed economiser to further boost efficiency. The overall package delivers exceptional performance, that can save end users substantial sums in ongoing running costs."


He added: "Moreover, Geoclima have produced a range of superb and well-considered designs that feature excellent condenser coil construction, a flooded evaporator with liquid level control, economiser circuits and a dedicated control system that integrates well with the Turbocor compressor’s Electronic Management System".