Leading magazine features Cooltherm's Saifor solutions for data centres

31 Mar 2012


Data Centre Management magazine has published an article by Cool-Therm on cost-effective cooling for server rooms and IT data centres.

It highlights the problems that arise with the addition over time of new servers to increase capacity, particularly in relation to high power blade servers.

This can result in dramatically increased heat loads and problems of resultant hot-spots. The feature points out that, in some cases, the extra loading risks overwhelming existing cooling systems and threatens the reliability of data centres.

"Throwing ever more Mega Watts of mechanical cooling into the space is an extremely expensive option in the light of current and future predicted rises in energy costs," it says.

The "cooling-at-any-cost" approach is also seen an increasingly unacceptable on environmental grounds, given the strong sustainability agenda of many operators and clients.

The company puts the case for highly targeted cooling provided by modern containment systems, as provided by the Saifor range.

"Well designed and installed cold and hot aisle containment systems provide a highly effective solution. They are efficient, increase reliability and improve headroom on data centres where extra loading is stretching existing cooling."

For more details on Cooltherm's cost-effective data centre cooling solutions, call 0303 030 0003.