COVID-19 Cooltherm’s Service Continuity Plan

The coming months are going to be challenging for the country as a whole, Cooltherm as one of the UK’s leading providers of air conditioning, chiller, refrigeration equipment and critical services have had in place for several years a robust (and tested) business continuity plan which allows Cooltherm to continue to deliver the front-line services our clients need from us every day.

Our plan covers all key areas of our business:

  • Systems

We operate a complete “Cloud Based” IT system allowing our service, projects and administration teams to work as normal whether they are based at home or in one of our four regional offices. This transition for our clients is completely seamless, continue to contact us in your normal way. Our remaining office teams have been split to provide complete segregation and ensure continuity throughout the current outbreak.

  • Office Support

We have four regional offices which operate a mirrored structure which allows any office to remotely take over the function of any other office promptly should it be affected by current or any other foreseeable event. Our 60 strong engineering team are split into 4 separate teams with a complete mix of skill sets operating from each hub.

  • Field Support and Service Delivery.

Our engineers always have had a robust range of personal protective equipment which will protect them from a comprehensive range of health risks including this current outbreak. Our engineers have all had specific guidance on how to protect themselves and others during this current uncertainty. We specialise in providing services to a range of mission critical clients including the NHS and we are working with them daily to ensure we are compliant with the latest infection control guidance.

  • Products: (Domestic and Internationally Sourced).

Our key suppliers at home and aboard are also taking steps to ensure business continuity and we foresee our projects and service jobs continuing to be delivered. Yes, some of our core equipment is produced in Italy and other effected areas, but despite of all the challenges reported in the media chillers and other specialist items of A/C plant are continuing to be produced. Shipping and movement of goods are likely to experience some delays in the coming months, but these goods are classed as essential and will get through, Cooltherm will deliver.