CIBSE low carbon tv programme features Turbomiser from Cool-Therm




A CIBSE-backed television programme on low carbon approaches to building refurbishment will feature Cool-Therm’s award-wining, ultra efficient chiller, Turbomiser.

The documentary, to be aired on Sky, is called "Retrofit and refurbishment: the low carbon approach".

Produced by The Business Channel, the programme is designed to give consultants and those involved with refurbishing buildings an insight into the most effective technology for reducing carbon emissions and cutting energy costs.

"The programme will bring the topic of delivering low carbon solutions in buildings to life, with examples and case studies illustrating what can be achieved with the right technology and approach", says Ken Strong, managing director of Cool-Therm.

He added: "Interest in refurbishing buildings with low carbon technology such a Turbomiser is growing, as energy prices escalate and budgets are squeezed."

Turbomiser can reduce carbon and cooling energy costs by up to 60 per cent compared with conventional screw chillers.

It has won numerous awards, including CIBSE’s Low Carbon Technology Award. Sales of Turbomiser are increasing year-on-year as the technology is proven and evidence on the dramatic energy and cost savings accumulates