The new Turbomiser chiller installation at Swansea Civic Centre is believed to have the longest pipe work run ever used for a Turbocor compressor-based project.

Designed and project-managed by the council’s in-house mechanical and electrical design and maintenance section, the project uses two 420kW “split” Turbomisers, installed by Cool-Therm’s Wales branch in the building’s plant room.
They are connected to two air-cooled condensers some 70m away on the rooftop.
The Turbomisers replaced a pair of conventional, aging Carrier chillers based on R22. To avoid disruption, it was essential to use some of the existing refrigeration pipe work. 
Dave Blackmore, Cool-Therm director, explains: “The internal building pipe work runs through library archives, risers and ceilings, and into office spaces. Replacing it would have been complex and expensive, and would have caused considerable upheaval for the building. 
“The project manager was understandably keen to retain it and replace the outdoor condensers and chillers in the plant room, resulting in minimal disturbance to the operation of the building.”