Cooltherm was selected by Colt to replace 4 chillers that were proving to be inefficient and unreliable with very high operational and maintenance costs.

Colt Data Centre Services have been designing, building and operating large scale data centres and providing data centre services for more than 15 years, with over 1000 customers worldwide.

The data centre being served by the chillers is a cutting-edge tier four data centre, Colt have uncompromising requirements for quality, reliability and efficiency for all equipment present on their sites. Data centres of this scale have a massive hunger for cooling therefore controlling their energy consumption can help lead to substantial energy savings.

Across their portfolio, Colt’s London centric data centres and nodes have utilized Cooltherm’s Turbomiser chillers for the best part of a decade and have massive confidence in the reliability of the plant and the tremendous energy savings presented by them.

Cooltherm and Geoclima are always working to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of their Installation and machines, and on this project the goal of all parties was to have the very best efficiency possible from a 5MW + chiller farm.

Air cooled heat rejection plant on this scale produces a lot of warm air, and even with the best possible plant layout air recirculation can be a real problem and effect performance massively across the year, this led Cooltherm to develop a bespoke ‘Cold-Isle’ containment solution for the chillers on this installation, ensuring that the chillers only breath cold air.

The project involved replacing four chillers on a live data centre, as there could be no downtime, the chillers were replaced over four phases of work, and Cooltherm’s in house installation team undertook all aspects of the installation. A loss of cooling at any time was not an option, so careful planning, testing and risk management from the Cooltherm team alleviated all risks to business.

It is the largest air cooled Turbomiser installation with bespoke cold isle containment, meaning the air the chiller breaths is always at the true ambient temperature and air recirculation is completely eradicated.

Rob Young from Cooltherm said 'we have worked closely with Colt over the past three years to develop a design and concept that delivered unmatched performance and reliability. We look forward to continuing our work with Colt to develop exceptional solutions for their cooling requirements’.