Human beings have three main basic needs: Eating, drinking, and breathing. A human can survive weeks without eating, up to one week without drinking, but can survive just a few minutes without breathing.

Air handling units (AHUs), which constitute the most important part of a ventilation and air conditioning system, are the answer to the most important but often overlooked human needs. They provide air to breathe wherever this is needed in enclosed spaces.

In other words, AHUs remove polluted air from indoor spaces – either actually polluted or air that is just uncomfortably warm or cold – and replace it with clean, fresh (and sometimes humidified) air at the right temperature. They are also essential to protect building structures.

Nowadays, people spend most of their time (up to 90%) inside buildings. Our houses, offices and production plants must meet the people’s need for a safe, healthy and productive environment. Fresh air supply (ventilation) plays a very important role in creating this environment. Not only are the right temperature and humidity a must, but even more so the purity of the air we breathe when we are inside.

In recent years, society has become more and more aware of the negative health effects particulate matter (PM) has. Numerous studies show a significant correlation between the previous year’s outside PM concentration and today’s mortality rate. Efficient air filtration applied in AHUs allows us to reduce this risk.

This is an extraction from the EUROVENT Guidebook Air Handling Units – You can read the full publication by clicking here. (Upload guide to media and link)

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