VHA Air cooled chiller with scroll or reciprocating compressors

Available on several models equipped with one or more scroll or reciprocating compressors, dimensioned to be used with refrigerant type R410A or with the new low GWP HFO-1234ze or with R290. These air cooled scroll chillers are assembled on a strong self-supporting metal screwed and welded structure, painted with epoxy powder with anti-rust coating for outdoor installation. All units are supplied completely wired and ready to be connected to the user’s plant. Prior to delivery every machine is submitted to a performance test, with intervention tests of all the safety systems and components installed. Each unit is available with low-speed fans and compressor sound insulation kit for the LN (Low Noise) and LLN (Super Low Noise) versions, for installation in areas where noise emission must be kept to a minimum.

  • Scroll compressors (R410A)
  • Reciprocating compressors (R290 or HFO-1234ze)
  • Dry expansion evaporator
  • AC or EC axial fans both 630 and 800 mm (24 and 31 in)
Length: 1360 – 12910 mm (4.4  -42 ft)
Width: 900 – 2250 mm (2.9 – 7.3 ft)
Height: 2130 – 2560 mm (6.9 – 8.3 ft)
Operating Weight: 746 – 9510 kg (1644 – 20966 lb)
VHA Air cooled chiller with scroll or reciprocating compressors

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