H&V News Awards For Excellence 2011

06 Sep 2011


The latest generation of the multi-award-winning Turbomiser chiller has been Highly Commended in the H&V News Awards for Excellence 2011.

The Turbomiser III Adiabatic Advantage chiller was praised by the judges for its technical innovation and exceptional efficiency performance.

The ultra-efficient Turbomiser III chiller uses a new kind of adiabatic technology that shaves a further 20 per cent off energy running costs.

The Turbomiser III is equipped with an innovative evaporative system on the face of condensers coils. This “adiabatic advantage” effectively reduces ambient temperatures in the immediate vicinity of coils by up to 8deg C, lowering condensing temperatures and dramatically improving the chiller’s energy performance.

When combined with its high efficiency Turbocor compressors, EC fans and Liquid Pump Amplification (LPA) system, the Turbomiser III Adiabatic Advantage chiller delivers energy savings of more than 50 per cent compared with conventional screw and reciprocating chillers.

Water consumption is extremely frugal, with a standard unit in UK conditions using around £600 worth of water a year to deliver energy savings worth some £8000.

Helped by its LPA system, it can achieve EERs of 10 and above without the need for additional free-cooling circuits with expensive glycol, saving both on initial cost and ongoing pump energy.

The adiabatic system adds a further dimension, not only improving again on energy performance but effectively increasing chiller capacity at peak load conditions, enabling it to cope with high ambients that might otherwise overwhelm a standard chiller.


Combining the LPA and Adiabatic Advantage technology improves the efficiency of the chiller at both low and high ambients, ensuring class-leading performance in all conditions and seasons throughout the year.