Geoclima invests in new chiller test facility

01 Nov 2012



Geoclima, which manufactures Cool-Therm’s award winning range of chillers, has invested in a state-of-the-art chiller testing centre at its research & development facility.

The cutting edge unit, located at the company’s plant in northern Italy, enables witness testing of equipment in tightly controlled conditions to match the customer’s operating requirements for plant.

It is supported with full data capture and video recording, with results being presented to clients in an AV conference suite, enabling close analysis and discussion of performance results.

The facility generates a cooling load with the use of PV solar panels, a closed loop hydraulic system and new large-scale water storage tanks. It also has an electrical generator capable of producing up to 2MW of power.

The dedicated testing area, of more than 120sq m, can accommodate equipment of up to 17 meters in length.

The ambient temperature in the test space can be controlled up to 52deg C and as low as 0deg C, enabling equipment to be tested in a huge range of environments and conditions.

The maximum cooling power that can be tested is up to 2MW.

Heat recovery coils are directly connected to the water storage tanks for improved temperature stability and ambient temperature control, overcoming the need for a boiler to heat the water, saving significant amounts of energy.

The centre will determine the EER and COP of plant, with independently certificated/calibrated flow meter and thermometer probes confirming the accuracy of measurements.

Geoclima's new chiller test facility in Northern Italy