Cool-Therm's Turbomiser lll Adiabatic Chiller shortlisted for 2012 CIBSE Building Performance Awards

07 Dec 2011


CIBSE Building Performance Awards shortlist!
Cool-Therm's Geoclima Turbomiser III Adiabatic Advantage Chiller has been shortlisted for the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2012, recognising excellence in making buildings work. Finalists for the ‘Energy-using Product Award’ were chosen by a panel of independent judges as the very best from this year’s impressive selection of entries.


Energy-using Product Award

The Product of the Year Awards seek to recognise outstanding new and/or innovative Products that will make significant contributions to improving building performance.

Energy-using Products are classified as: building services products that use delivered energy themselves (however efficiently in themselves or in comparison to previous products of the same type) in order, for example, to deliver heating, ventilation, cooling or lighting.


Entries should be for Products introduced or launched between 1July 2010 to 30 June 2011.

Entries may be submitted by manufacturers or any other member of the supply chain, including consultants, contractors and clients.

Judging Criteria

The Judges will consider any product that improves building performance and saves energy and carbon, and will be looking for evidence of:

  • Research, testing, development
  • Innovation in design, technology and/or application
  • Improvement over existing products in terms of performance, energy or resource (e.g. water) efficiency and carbon saving
  • Mitigation of the environmental impact of production
  • Use of recycled materials and recyclability of the product
  • Performance in operation as well as factory or laboratory test results
  • Evidence of how the product reduces carbon emissions
  • Clear product technical information for specifiers, designers, installers and operators
  • Operation and maintenance information 


Energy-using Product Award finalists:

Universal CHP unit (ENER-G Combined Power Limited)

Unity CV2GIP (Greenwood Air Management)

Turbomiser III Adiabatic Advantage Chiller (Cool-Therm and Klima-Therm)

HSV Thermal Store (Lochinvar Ltd)

COOL-PHASE® low energy cooling and ventilation system (Monodraught Ltd)

Lo-Carbon Tempra Range (Vent-Axia)v



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