Colt Technology provides network and communication services for businesses in Europe, Asia, and North America, it connects over 850+ data centres around the globe.

Cooltherm, working closely with the client were brought in to design and install a replacement to the ageing Toshiba machines they were currently using.

The old equipment was proving unreliable and with the addition of a new purpose-built office to incorporate 400 staff members a new system was required, which could deal with the increased staffing volume as well as the additional heat load generated by all the computer equipment.

Cooltherm were faced with a challenging brief to provide heating and cooling to the main office area for 400 desks, this was achieved by supplying 3 x 90kw VRV condensers connected to 24 internal cassette units.

The office space is used infrequently as part of Colt’s wider emergency / disaster contingency planning, because of this fact Cooltherm recommended using smaller units to introduce fresh air. In turn this means when the office is not occupied, fewer units are required to supply the flow of fresh air meaning less energy is consumed. In addition, the units installed feature heat recovery technology; meaning the majority of any heat energy which would normally be lost in the extracted air is recovered and used to heat the incoming fresh air, this technology also works in reverse when the units operate in cooling in the summer. 

The meeting rooms required an independent air conditioning system with multiple rooms being served with 1 x 63kw eternal condenser connected to 15 x cassette fan coils.  The heat recovery systems enable all offices to independently have their own control on whether that particular unit is to heat or cool the room.

All systems are fully controlled by a master touch screen controller, this can feedback all information through the building BMS (Building Management System) as well as giving full control of all units in one location.

“The sheer size of the project and the extremely tight timescales to deliver was only possible because of the expertise and commitment from the team at Cooltherm, and is a credit to each and every one of them.” Justin Fisher UK Senior Projects Manager