Traditionally an air handling unit (AHU) is classified as a complex device designed to handle and condition the air processed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. An AHU consists of a fan or fans, and at least one other component for air processing: filter, heater, cooler, energy recovery component, humidifier, dehumidifier, or mixing section.

Every component performs a crucial function in providing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate inside a building.

Therefore, AHUs are often referred to as the “heart of the ventilation system”.

Applying high quality AHU s pays off

Air handling units are essential for our health, wellbeing and performance. An AHU has to supply enough clean and fresh air to create the optimal indoor air quality (IAQ).

Highly efficient fans, energy recovery systems, and controlling devices in an AHU are essential to ensure a sustainable energy consumption. Sound attenuators will diminish the noise level in the ventilation system.

Investing in well-designed air handling units, intelligent control systems (e.g. VAV), and a thorough and regular maintenance (including a regular replacement of air filters) will ultimately result in higher performances and better indoor air quality.

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